Care Instructions

At Kemi Boutique we like to source luxury fabrics for our clients. All designs have sewn in care instructions to assist you in cleaning them safely.

Some of our fabrics feature hand sewn embellishments and beading which use various complex procedures of weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery and/ or stitching. As they are hand crafted some irregularities may occur in the embroidery or colour.

Due to the delicate nature of our fabrics please handle with care and seek specialist Dry Cleaning advice for all hand sewn and embroidery dresses.

Do not wash, tumble dry or bleach.

Iron according to the fabric type after placing a fine cloth over the item. Do not iron directly on prints, beading or embroidery.

Professionel dry clean only


Useful tips

We recommend that you take you gown to a specialist dry cleaner that will inspect your gown prior to cleaning to ascertain what treatment best benefits your dress and will manually remove any stains you have incurred by hand before cleaning your dress.

To protect the longevity of your dress always have it cleaned before placing in storage as invisible stains may exist, such as those from body oil and champagne.

If you decide to pack your dress then always use the specially designed boxes provided by your professional dry cleaner and store in a cool, dry place.

Ensure all tissue paper is acid free.

You may choose to stuff the bodice to maintain it’s shape.